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  • Nancy Hoehler

Delicious Summer Cocktail Inspiration

Summer temps are here and we are looking for any way to stay cool! This is one of our favorite season for events (especially for our incredible clients in The Hampton's!), so we're always on the look out for inspired ways to make our summer time events events extra special!

Specialty drinks & cocktails are one of my obsessions. It's a really fun (and simple!) way to add an extra thoughtful touch to your event and the options are seriously endless! Today we're sharing some inspired summer cocktail ideas for your summer bash! These ingredients, garnishes, and presentation ideas are all easily accessible and will make a real impression on your guests.

Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

The key to a refreshing summer cocktail is really light and fresh ingredients. Of course, think about what is in season: berries, melons, citrus! But also think about herbs like mint & rosemary that can bring some coolness to your palette after each sip!

Feeling bold? Add some extra heat with jalapeno-infused cocktails that'll give your guests a different type of tingle!

Below we've pulled two delicious cocktail recipes that bring in yummy summer ingredients! This Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer is a perfect frozen drink for a luncheon or pool-side event! And the Watermelon Mojito bring in that cool mint to combat the summer heat while your guests mingle and celebrate.

Recipe & Image via The Buzz Blog
Recipe & Image via The Vintage Mixer

Summer time cocktails are also a fun opportunity for garnishes and beautiful glasses! Take advantage of the bold drink colors and show off with beautiful coupe champagne saucers or mixed, patterned goblets that'll add an extra detail of style to your beverage service. (More fun ideas for garnishes below!)

Popsicles are Back!

Well, maybe they never left! But today, we're talking about boozy popsicles! Basically, your favorite cocktail in frozen form!

We love the simple but beautiful idea of gourmet fruit popsicles dipped into champagne flutes for guests to enjoy. As the popsicle melts they'll absorb some of the champagne flavor and yum! What a delicious combination from start to finish! (Plus, the glass will contain the potential mess-factor of serving popsicles to guests in dressy attire!)

Image Via Essence Designs

For a more casual affair, we absolutely adore these Wedding Pops from Fruta Pop! Just like the freeze pops of your childhood, but all grown up! Fruta Pop offers specialty cocktail mixes in single serve packaging and can even customize the branding to compliment your event! How fun would these be passed around for dessert or served at an iced station while your guests mingle through cocktail hour?

Glassware We Love

When choosing a signature cocktail for your bar menu, don't stop halfway! Make sure you think about the glassware too. That can play an equal part in creating that thoughtful moment for your guests!

We love love love cocktail and bar glassware! It's so fun to hunt for the perfect compliment to our beverages. Here are a few of our favorites that would be absolutely perfect for a summer bash!

Fun Cocktail Garnish Ideas

A beautiful garnish can totally elevate even a basic cocktail! So don't forget to dress up your drink for an extra wow-factor!

Classic options include, mint, rosemary, berries & fruits, etc. But we also love fruit frozen in ice cubes and we are especially obsessed with edible floral garnishes in a beautiful summer drink!

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals is a wonderful source for all types of edible florals that can be used for drinks & food dishes a like! They even provide some descriptions for the flavor profile of each bloom! It doesn't get much lovelier than flowers in your drink!

If you're hosting a summer event, beverage service is crucial to your events' success! Keep guests cool, hydrated, and impressed with these thoughtful cocktails and drink ideas!

Ready to plan an incredible summertime bash? Contact Shimmer NYC and let's get started!

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