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  • Nancy Hoehler

Get Interactive! Unique Action Stations for Corporate Events!

As the pandemic keeps employees working from home, finding ways to build rapport and team unity can be a challenge for employers. At ShimmerNYC we have worked hard to create experiences that help firms strengthen a sense of togetherness and inclusion among employees through live and virtual events.

The key to a successful corporate event that creates stronger teams is making it memorable! Attendees should leave excited about your company and ready to work together. The key to this is getting everyone involved. Get them out of their chair and doing something unique.

Today we’re sharing three sure-fire ways to create an engaging and memorable activation station for your corporate event! Let’s leave your team members, clients, and guests wanting more!

Learn Something

Creating an activation station where attendees can pick up a new skill is a fantastic way to solidify your brand in their mind long term. Anytime they use that skill in the future, they’ll remember how they learned it and think back to your event!

To keep it within the flow of your event, make sure to keep it condensed and not too overwhelming. Something like a mini wine tasting led by experts is great because it can be done in smaller groups and in a small amount of time. Think 10-20 minute sessions.

One really cool company doing this well is Scoozie Events NYC. They offer a fantastic variety of virtual experiences that can teach you and your team a new skill! Something like Craft Beer tasting, Hot Sauce Creation, and even Mixology! How fun is that?

Make Something

This tactic is akin to Learning Something but can be more hands-on! A team building, hands-on activity, again, creates that memorable moment AND it also gets your attendees undivided attention for a good chunk of time.

While guests are participating, you can be chatting and interacting with them, building rapport, and establishing trust! Some of our favorite “making” action stations include bouquet bars, flower crowns, and even cooking classes.

The Cooking Lab is based in New York and offers both virtual & in-person events to teach your group how to make something delicious! From pasta and tapas to even learning how to master basic knife skills in the kitchen! We love the idea of building camaraderie by diving into something new as a group.

Create an Interactive Photo Moment

Honestly, creating a cool and interactive photo moment should be considered a must-have at any and all corporate events now. Encouraging attendees to take and share photos of the event generates enthusiasm that money can’t buy! Consider creating a central photo album where even those not in attendance can enjoy the festivities.

Our expert opinion? Think outside the traditional photo booth. Not to knock them, but photo booths have been event staples for a while so try to go for something unique! It could be a large installation like a balloon wall or even something classic like a branded step-and-repeat! Think big!

Creating a Memorable Corporate Event

To wrap it all up, just remember there are no rules! Feel free to have fun with your event and embrace unique elements that have a chance to stand out in the minds of your attendees! Your culture is unique and the events you host should be too!

Need help planning the perfect corporate event? Team Shimmer is ready with great ideas for both live and virtual events! Get in touch to get your 2021 and 2022 Corporate Event on our calendar and let's make some magic! We would love to hear from you!

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