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  • Nancy Hoehler

Hello 2022! Event Trends We're Looking Forward to This Year!

Happy New Year and Hello 2022! With each new year, comes new and exciting ways to make events fresh and exciting.

Today we want to share a few trends that we are really excited to see in the forecast for this year and how you can incorporate them into your upcoming events as well! Let's go!

Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone releases their Color of the Year and this year's..... well, it could be considered a little controversial. Veri Peri is a really beautiful saturated blue/purple hue that sits right on the cusp of bright and pastel. It's ultra-feminine and inspires visions a of Modern Provincial French aesthetic with intricate details like calligraphy, soft ruffle-y florals, and an effortlessly stylish dinner reception outdoors.

Purple or blue shades like this can be a bit domineering in a color palette, so we recommend using it as an accent throughout the event, as opposed to the main color. Keeping the majority of your color palette in shades of warm neutrals like taupe and cream, with hints of periwinkle, will create a high end style that feels very luxe.

Monochromatic Neutral Palettes

Ok, ok, maybe this is a little bit of a carry over from 2021, but you know it's true. Monochromatic neutrals and dried flowers are going to keep being a vibe this year!

Monochromatic color palettes give off an ultra-chic style. This can make even the smallest event (hint of our next trend!) feel very luxe and pulled together. Plus, it can absolutely make the styling and decor process more simple! From linens, to flowers, to wardrobe, and maybe even food and drink selections, a monochromatic palette will always feel stylish!

Going All Out with a Big Theme!

We love an event with a theme, so let's go big! We can't wait to see concepts come together that include not just the decor, but the food, the entertainment, everything. After two years of mini events and micro weddings, we're ready to go all out and have some fun!

Want some really cool inspiration? Check out our previous events! We've had the opportunity to create some mega cool events with our client's theme in mind! We love this NYC Graffiti & Foodie Bar Mitzvah and this super fun Math & Science Themed one too!

Let's embrace your city, your favorite characters, your artistic side! Let's go wild.

Tossing Tradition

Our final favorite trend? Tossing out the rule book! Because truth be told, there are no rules anymore when it comes to events and how they should look or what they should include!

If you want to incorporate a funky style, go for it! Want to skip the garter toss because it feels kind of awkward to you? No problem! Your event should be about you and the celebration. If something detracts from that, you have permission to cut it!

One of the best parts of our job is really helping bring a client's vision to life and making their events feel like an extension of themselves. We're on your side to make that happen! So let's make some magic in 2022 together!

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