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  • Nancy Hoehler

How to Have the Coziest Fall Wedding

Oh September, we’ve been waiting for you! Summer is coming to an end and the warmth and richness of fall is right around the corner. Here in New York, fall is truly a magical time and wedding and events during this season just feel a little bit more special.

Could this have something to do with the fact that Nancy tied the knot in an Autumn celebration? I mean, maybe! But even so, we could never resist this golden hour-time of year.

Today on the blog, we are sharing some of our favorite fall event inspiration. From food and drink, to florals, attire, and more, there are endless details that can be made even more special in the Autumn season. Let’s dive in!

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere

The atmosphere and overall environment of your event is something you might not think about in much detail. It’s so much easier to focus on typical elements like color schemes, linens, centerpieces, etc. But putting some thought into the overall “feel” of your event can certainly make it unforgettable.

In the fall season, this could look like additional lighting with festival lights, candles, and lanterns, added warmth sources like heaters and soft blankets for guests to keep cozy with, and warm, sweet scents that drift throughout your event.

Outdoor Reception Lighting | Cozy Blanket Station

A really fun idea we love? Choose a signature scent for your event and incorporate it throughout your venue. This could easily be done with scented candles placed strategically in gathering areas like the entryway, bathrooms, and cocktail hour space. (Avoid scented candles on dinner tables or near food displays as it could disrupt the flavor profile of your menu!)

Embrace the Autumn Aesthetic with Fun Seasonal “Moments”

What do we mean by “moment”? This could be a station, a display, or even a photo op. Anything that might make your guests stop and appreciate the detail can be a considered a “moment”. Now let’s take that thought and make it seasonal!

This could be a Hot Apple Cider Station, a pumpkin display around your welcome signage, or even a fire pit for guests to lounge around and chat during the reception. Anything that channels those crisp cool nights of fall!

Fire Pit | Apple Cider Station

Fall Colors & Florals Always Make an Impact

Nothing is more indicative of the fall season than foliage and warm hues of nature. But if that isn’t really your style, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an Autumnal Inspired aesthetic!

The key to creating a beautiful, fall palette is really to chose your colors and mute them for the dustier/softer version. Think mauves, coppers, terra cotta, creams, matte black, warm greys, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bright orange/red/yellow and sunflowers to scream fall!

And feel free to embrace other seasonal blooms like dahlias, amaranthus, and eucalyptus. Even popular dried elements like pampas grass and bunny tails look absolutely amazing in this season!

Autumn Events will always have a special place in our hearts and after a year like this, you can bet we’re ready for some cozy, sweet celebrations.

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