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It's no secret that Pickleball is all the rage right now. Why not take advantage of this perfect summer event & growing global trend?

Whether you want to celebrate the end of your pickleball season, excite your employees with an out of office event, or host a can't-miss themed birthday party, there are many fun ways to organize a pickleball party on and off the courts during these warmer months.

You can latch on to the vintage preppy color scheme, decorate your food and drink table to look like a pickleball court, and get custom merch for your guests to boast what team they're on (whether it was the winning, or the losing team!) Here's some fun inspiration photos below that will be sure to convince you that THIS is the next event you need to book with Shimmer.

Whatever your summer plans are, be sure to book your next event with ShimmerNYC to help see your vision through from start to finish!



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