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  • Nancy Hoehler

Planning during re-opening…it’s complicated!

Throughout our time in the event industry, we have come to think of every party as a bit of a jig saw puzzle. We make sure each piece fits together through hard work and good communication between our clients and vendors ensuring that the final product is terrific.

Fast forward to now and every party has become a Rubik’s cube: Far more complicated and with many more hurdles.

Experienced planners have always been crucial for smooth running events. However, with the re-opening of our industry, our job has become a lot more complicated and more necessary than ever!

Event logistics are wildly different & more demanding

Logistics and the way your event will flow have always been a part of our job as your planner, but in a post-Covid world, there are quite a few more things to consider.

We recently did some work for a client who had some very specific requirements regarding location and venue selection. During ‘normal’ times it would have been a bit of a challenge, but now, that we are into what I’ll call the ‘re-opening’ phase things are quite a bit more challenging.

We’re going to be considering:

  • What layout will provide enough room to encourage social distancing?

  • How can we safely serve food and drink?

  • What requirements do your venue and other vendors require to feel safe and secure?

  • How will we be encouraging safety & sanitization to guests?

  • How will we manage contact tracing & testing requirements for attendees?

  • Are all staff vaccinated?

Business closings have led to some uncertainty with vendors

Unfortunately, one of realities of the pandemic is that many talented creative people and event professionals left the industry as it screeched to a halt. Many small business are simply not built to handle a shutdown of that magnitude and are no longer in operation or struggling to bring workers back full time. We are also spending more time helping our clients navigate contracts and finding suitable vendors who are still up-and-running.

For example, many hotels are not fully open and ballrooms not yet booking for even mid-sized events. Many vendors have also had to furlough much of their staff and are reluctant to re-hire until they are confident that the level of activity can support a stable workforce.

Having an experienced event planner with an established network of vendors will be invaluable during re-opening! We will ensure your vendor team is solid and ready to execute your event to perfection!

Guidelines are still shifting and will continue to do so

As the vaccines continue to roll-out and we crawl slowly towards normalcy, you can be guaranteed that guidelines will change on a dime.

This is by far the most complicated addition to our event planning reality these days. Our team is consistently staying up to date on guidelines and protocols recommended by our officials and health organizations to ensure your event’s success.

Having a planner on your team will take these complicated but crucial responsibilities off your plate so you can enjoy the process and see your event come to life!

Trust us, you need a planner. You won’t regret it!

Despite the challenges, our experience in vetting new sites and vendors combined with our relationships with vendors with whom we have a long history gives me reason to believe that you can have great parties during re-opening.

Now more than ever a strong planner will add more value to your event and make the planning process more enjoyable allowing you to put your stamp on the event without the hassle of dealing with a marketplace hobbled by the pandemic.

Ready to start planning? Our 2021 & 2022 calendars are open and we are excited to talk details about your wedding, corporate, or social event! Get in touch and let’s celebrate safely!

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